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Why 48 Hours?

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We’ve all heard the phrase “let me sleep on it” and haven’t we all said “I’ll get back to you on that”. Well in thinking about big life decisions and activities in my life, I have decided that fortunes can change significantly in 48 hours – just 2 days.

Think about it – a weekend in Vegas can result in a trip to jail or holy matrimony – either way your life future has been changed.

Or when you have been offered a new job or business opportunity you take a few days to think it over because you know the decision is going to affect your career path well into the future.

And how about that fight you had with your best friend. That after you have a few days to think it over it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it did at the time.

The reality is that much can be accomplished in 48 hours.

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Amanda is the co-author of The 48 Hour Relationship Retreat. In addition she is an independent conference planner who works for various corporate and nonprofit clients. When she is not spending time with her husband, Richard, she is involved with her two kids (think taxi driver with a flare).

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