Q?What is this About?

Wow! We really appreciate the time you’re taking to come and check us out.

Our guess is that you heard an interview, read a blog, saw a post/tweet, or some friend told you about us. No matter how you got here, we are glad you came!

The 48 Hour Relationship Retreat is a combination of two different elements. It is a BOOK that guides you thru a RETREAT.

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Q?Can I handle this book/retreat?

It takes people of courage and commitment to tackle the task of identifying their dreams and making plans to reach them. We want you to be successful! But that can only happen if you are willing to take responsibility for your own success. Given our experience, we have identified those that we think can cut it (i.e., be successful with this “program”), and those who really aren’t up to the task (i.e., this isn’t really your cup of tea).

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Q?Why 48 hours?

We’ve all heard the phrase “let me sleep on it” and haven’t we all said “I’ll get back to you on that”. Well in thinking about big life decisions and activities in my life, I have decided that fortunes can change significantly in 48 hours – just 2 days.

Think about it – a weekend in Vegas can result in a trip to jail or holy matrimony – either way your life future has been changed.

Or when you have been offered a new job or business opportunity you take a few days to think it over because you know the decision is going to affect your career path well into the future.

And how about that fight you had with your best friend. That after you have a few days to think it over it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it did at the time.

The reality is that much can be accomplished in 48 hours.

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Q?We’ve taken our retreat. Now what do we do?

Don’t grumble. Because we know you haven’t really done your retreat yet. How do we know?!? Because the book hasn’t even been released yet. So it would be hard to do a retreat when you don’t have this awesomely wonderful manual in your hands. (Unless of course you are one of the special few who agreed to test the concept and got an advance copy.)

But we get it, you want to see what is out there for when you HAVE done your retreat. Well, you will just have to trust us that it is fabulous. Because right now we are working on this page and it just isn’t “ready for primetime” yet.

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