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We were considering different formats to use for this portion of the website – a template perhaps  – and we decided that in today’s modern world, we might look to the place where many of you may have met – Match.com. Now we haven’t dated in a long time, but if we were going to put up profiles, they might look like this:

Amanda Adams-Barney

Relationship: Married 27 years (and counting)
Children: 1 boy (22), 1 girl (19)
Pets: Silver Lab named Riley, 2 cats – Flame & Ember – I’m a cat lady (but not a cat lady like the crazy cat ladies, but maybe I am a little crazy)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (but not really Irish as the pale skin & red hair might indicate)
Body type: Athletic (at least I am trying to get there)
Faith: Christian (I love our church with a cool band and great message)
Smoke: Nope, not even once
Favorite Beverage: Non-alcoholic – Diet Coke from a fountain with extra ice; Alcoholic – either red wine or a good margarita
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Interests: I grew up in a family with a lot of guys, so I did a lot of guy stuff when I was young and I guess that shaped my preferences. Skiing, watching sports (football, baseball, hockey, motocross racing), comedy clubs, theatre, yoga, my kid’s activities (scouts, sports, etc.), my faith, dining out, movies, traveling, spa treatments, shopping, acting (though I don’t get much of a chance these days…I am saving the opportunities for when I am a little older and have the time).
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (BIG TIME), Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals
Favorite Movies: Hmmmm…I’m more of a t.v. girl than movies. And there are too many guilty pleasures on my DVR for me to admit them publicly.
Political Views: Agnostic (really, I am a registered Independent)
Education: American University, Undergrad
Interesting Facts: I once was in a sketch comedy writing group – we didn’t make it to Broadway, but we had a lot of fun.

Richard Barney

Relationship: Since I have only been married once, I guess my answer had better be the same as Amanda’s
Kids: Just the same 2 kids that she has (though when they are being difficult I tell Amanda they are HER kids, not mine)
Pets: Energetic silver lab, Riley and 2 cats – but I’m really more of a dog guy
Ethnicity: White guy – just watch me dance and you will be able to tell
Body type: Athletic (when I’m being diligent)
Faith: Christian
Smoke: Nope, not even once
Favorite Drink: Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat Beer (or whatever beer you’ve got cold!)
Hometown: Raised in Missoula, Montana but born in Fairbanks, Alaska
Interests: As a “jack of all trades, master of none” I like a lot of different things, and am up for trying just about anything anyone invites me to. I enjoy following sports (football, baseball, golf, cycling, hockey, motocross racing), comedy clubs, theatre, fitness, my kid’s sports, my faith, dining out, movies, traveling with my wife (we have so much fun together), skiing, reading, and golf.
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins, Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, Bucknell Bison
Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Hangover, Men In Black, Pitch Perfect
Political Views: Democrat
Education: Bucknell University, Undergrad; John’s Hopkins, Graduate School
Interesting Facts: I am an Eagle Scout, and I have visited 48 of 50 states.

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