Got It!


and you’ve read it all (or most of it).  You must be thinking “now what?”  Well, we can help you there!  The whole point of reading the book is to help you be more proactive in your relationship.  So what better way to be more proactive than to actually plan a retreat?  Work with your partner to figure out when the best time to take a weekend away would be. Plan where & when to go, and create your own agenda. Do it now!


To help you along we have compiled several packets of useful worksheets so that you can plan easily and maximize your time away.

Pre-Retreat Packet

For your use PRIOR TO your retreat we have the “Pre-retreat Packet” to help you work out the logistics and get you thinking in the right direction. If you bought the book, there is a code in the back to get this packet for free.

Supplemental Retreat Worksheet Packet

We also have worksheets to use DURING your retreat that coordinate with every chapter of our book.  These supplemental worksheets are meant to help you take what you learn from the chapters and make the information visual.  Some worksheets are more writing-based, while others are meant to get your brain thinking about certain topics.  Use the worksheets as you move through your retreat to keep your thoughts focused and to record what you want to accomplish on the retreat. If you find yourselves struggling to address a topic or two, these are great guides, conversation staters, and quizzes to help you get even more out of your retreat.