You Can’t Handle this Retreat (or can you)?!?

It takes people of courage and commitment to tackle the task of identifying their dreams and making plans to reach them. We want you to be successful! But that can only happen if you are willing to take responsibility for your own success. Given our experience, we have identified those couples we think can cut it (i.e., be successful with this “program”), and those who really aren’t up to the task (i.e., this isn’t your cup of tea).

Who Will Do Well with this Retreat:

  1. Couples who think their relationship is “okay”, but feel that there should be more to life than “the daily grind.”
  2. Couples who are happily married and want to keep the good mojo flowing.
  3. Couples who fear their ship may be going down and they want to plug the leaks and find a life preserver.
  4. Small business partners who want to see their business be a success and thrive.
  5. Families who want to find a balance in their lives and be the best family unit (and individuals) that they can be.
  6. Couples in the first few years of a committed relationship.

Who Should Skip this Retreat:

  1. Couples in crisis.
  2. People not willing to do the work.
  3. Couples or individuals who feel they have no ability or desire to change their circumstances.
  4. Couples where one person makes all of the decisions in the relationship.



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